Hey there, Jeremy here about Khronos studios:
Khronos Studios is an expanding business branched from my previous store EverChanging Games.  We aim to create educational and entertaining content based on youtube and various other websites.   Currently we have two series running, Future 5 is the newest and is guaranteed every week.  We also do special effect shorts and tutorials as well as various other small project.  We hope to expand Future 5 very soon into another weekly series as we build.  Currently our voice actor for the series is Jasper Louis Riksen,  who's done a great job and who has agreed to help the series grow.  Jasper will continue to voice this series as well as any others we do in the near future.  

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Crew bio's

Jeremy Riggins
 Currently living in Florida, previous owner of EverChanging games.   Specializes as a Computer Technician, 2D and 3D special effects, simple animation, as well as editing, sound design, logo creation and web design.  EverChanging games has been re-branded as Khronos Studios with Jeremy as the current owner.    When time allows it Jeremy enjoys all the geeky stuff such as air soft, sword fighting, and gaming.  Jeremy also enjoys Skateboarding, Martial arts and  camping.  If you've read this far you'll also notice that Jeremy apparently also enjoys talking in 3d person while writing.   
Jasper Louis Riksen
 Born and living in the Netherlands, Jasper is a creative mind with a finger in editing, filming, other creative work and a firm fist in writing. And now he is sticking his throat into voice acting helping to make Khronos studios grow and planning to grow with it.
Next to working with Khronos studios he works for Ashford wedding and event designers at Castle "Huis de Voorst" in the Netherlands.
In his free time he takes part in fencing and scouting activities.
He is also an avid collector of anything he likes, some of his collections include dvd's, CD's, posters, retro games, books, sealing wax, small rocks and minerals, different articles of clothing and many things more, in both great and small numbers. He once even used to have a collection of all the casts he has had for breaking his arms.
He has no big plan for the future yet, but hopes to achieve some level of success in writing, film or some other creative direction.
Dakota Nelson
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Psychotic Qtip
 Psychotic Qtip (real name and age undisclosed at this time) started as all young gamers do. A love of fantasy and adventure and a lot of time to kill; starting on a NES, moving up to a PC through the years and his gaming days are nowhere near done yet. 
He not only does gameplay videos for Khronos studios gaming, but also streams and he has his own youtube channel too, where he struggles to make everything he does entertaining.